Saturday, March 21

2-4 p.m. 

@ Société des arts et technologiques, 1197 Saint-Laurent, Second Floor, Transform Room

((audience)) is a nomadic sound art festival organized by Lauren Rosati and Alexis Bhagat. In 2009 and through 2010, ((audience)) will present surround sound compositions by nine sound artists in pitch black movie theaters around the world. This convocation begins with a brief explanation of the impetus behind ((audience)) and a pre-emptive lecture addressing the question “Why movie theaters?” with a counter-question: “Why art galleries?”

The history of sound art in the gallery space and the history of concert hall architecture will be briefly discussed, followed by a presentation of works selected for ((audience09.))

Participants are invited to bring along samples of film soundtracks or of cinematic sound art compositions, to share for the listening lounge.

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