Concordia University’s Humanities Doctoral program is organizing a conference that will focus on different notions of cartographic practices in interdisciplinary fields looking at the crossings and convergences of geography, architecture and politics with a focus on creative processes. The event will be hosted by Concordia’s  Humanities Doctoral Program in collaboration with the Joint PhD in Communications program. The conference will take place in March, from the 19th to the 21st, 2009, at Concordia University and Société des arts et technologiques, Montréal, and invites all to attend and to help create an open research-creation environment.

As part of the interdisciplinary research carried out in the two PhD departments, the event seeks to conceptually link alternative forms of research initiatives that foreground creative practices and processes and their relation to actual spatial and socio-political environments.

The conference will foreground the link between research and creation. The major aim is to facilitate workshops instead of presentations that provide an open and interactive environment as platform for exchange of ideas and techniques. Participants will be able to work on concepts and strategies for creative processes and will be able to negotiate different types of approach in a direct dialogue with the invited guests.
The four workshops will be facilitated by Alexis Bhagat ( – the co-editor of An Atlas of Radical Cartography ( and the curator of the sound art festival ((audience)) ( – Gina Badger ( and Maiko Tanaka, forays (, and David Paquette ( Keynote speakers are Rebecca Duclos together with David K. Ross ( and Cynthia Imogen Hammond (

All of the invited guests demonstrate rigorous creative and academic work based on different forms of research-creation. We seek for a vivid series of events that stimulate thoughts and actions in relation to the dialogue between theory and practice.
To get further insights and more information for each invited guest’s work please refer to their profiles online.

Please refer to the program page on this site for the schedule.